Eine an der Realwirtschaft orientierte Ausbildung im Finanzdienstleistungsbereich unter Rückbesinnung auf lebensrelevante Werte wird zum Differenzierungsmerkmal.
Dr. Johannes Krall, MBA, SEFO
All lasting business is built on friendship.
Alfred A. Montapert
Wir haben die Erde von unseren Eltern nicht geerbt, sondern von unseren Kindern nur geliehen.
Indianisches Sprichwort
Die virtuelle Wirtschaft dominiert zu stark das Leben der Realwirtschaft. Wir müssen uns wieder auf die Grundfragen des Lebens zurückbesinnen. – Welchen Sinn und Zweck hat das Wirtschaften in einer demokratischen Gesellschaft?
Mag. Dr. Wilhelm Rasinger, IVA
Nachhaltiges Investieren in Finanzprodukte setzt Transparenz und Information voraus: Der Anleger möchte seine Präferenzen im Investment wieder finden.
Richard Lernbass, software-systems.at Finanzdatenservice GmbH
Ausbildung nach höchsten Standards ist zentrale Erfolgsbedingung für eine vertrauensvolle Zusammenarbeit und nachhaltig zufriedene Kunden.
Dr. Wolfgang Feuchtmüller, UniCredit Bank Austria
If we believe in meaning beyond profit we might need to change the spirit of business.
Dr. Arman Vardanyan, Vision Microfinance
Ethische Investments sind eine wichtige Möglichkeit, gesellschaftliche Verantwortung zu übernehmen und Werte zu erhalten.
Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Vw. Thomas Gehrig, PhD, Universität Wien
Die Fragmentation des Wissens ist ein Merkmal unserer Zeit: SEFO versucht, den drohenden Riss zwischen Wirtschaft und Ethik zu überwinden.
Prof. Dr. Martin McKeever, Preside, Accademia Alfonsiana, Rom
SEFO - Sustainability Economic Forum - Münzgasse 5/3/3, 1030 Wien
Creating Future with Impact Investing
6th Finance & Science Congress 2015

The sixth Finance & Science Congress was entirely devoted to the subject of impact investing as a postulate in question of sustainable planning for the future. Within the bounds of the wide scattered palette of presentations the bow was drawn from the legal conditions of philanthropic engagement to the practical possibilities and effects.

Private Investors or rather foundations and charitable organisations have always supported projects and programs pursuing different purposes worldwide in the field of civil society, ecology, scientific research and formation, as well as arts and culture. The current tieing of the package for charitable benefits by the Austrian government implies the adjustment of legal conditions to the European standard. For instance by the reduction of bureaucratic obstacles and the encouragement of benefits new perspectives are opened and new incentives in favour of the private Austrian foundation as investor are set.

New business models get developped to assist the function of the sector of charitable benefits as driver of social innovations. These premises imply the requirement of establishing a coherence between different purposes on the part of supporting and receiving institutions. On each side identification is necessary.The common point of intersection reveals out of the compatibility of mutual interests surrounded by different convictions in question of values.

Following the principle „Give money and step in…“ the model of venture capital is applied to the charitable sector and the borders between financial return and social return become blurred. An investment upstreaming identification requires extensive transparency. This demand is responded by the provision of special tools.

Different purposes of investments and types of donors stand opposite various recipients as start-ups, charitable organisations and programs. Connecting element is the definition of a common consent of values. Precondition for this is a forming of consciousness with regard to the nature of the core of civil society. The state, legal conditions and financial support provide a basis without generating but enabling impact. In the end it´s a matter of striking up an idea of life emerging from corresponding goals and at the same time leading from different parameters.

To this special advisory service is essential. The advice must be taken under inclusion of the giving and meaning connecting anthropological issues as foundation for the development of a culture in favour of charitable benefits.

Investors act due to a personal reference as a result of relationship. Thus impact investing is not just a kind of add-on, but an important part of an economic system and for that reason paving the way to social change.

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